In this episode you can hear Gina Gardiner and Andrei talk about:

The importance of radical responsibility, how three work trips and playing dumb transformed a useless facility into a phenomenal library and turned a fireball of an employee into a voraciously loyal and competent worker

Some value points you can expect:

  • Whimsical leadership is bad leadership
  • Capriciousness has no business being a trait of a leader
  • Learning through bad examples
  • How a tragic accident and a sudden death forced a new leadership approach that lead to success
  • How applying the same rules on both students and teachers launched a school to number one
  • Know when to shut up and be quiet
  • Throwing your weight around might be self gratifying, but it’s useless in the long run
  • Letting people discover a useful lesson is way more beneficial than teaching that lesson directly
  • Lead yourself first, then do the same for others
  • Our thoughts translate in our quality of life
  • Know your purpose and your vision


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