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Do you find yourself struggling and unhappy? Are there recurring issues that continue to seem to get in the way of your ability to be happy and remain happy? Maybe you have tried other self-help or personal development courses but nothing has really stuck. Nothing has shown you how to get happy, stay happy and be able to spread happy about you?”


Is this You?

  • Do you feel unhappy, isolated or alone, unseen and unheard in their personal or professional life.
  • Are you unhappily single or are recently separated, divorced or bereaved?
  • Or maybe you are in a significant relationship and yet feel you have no one to share their vulnerabilities and dreams with.
  • Are you wrestling with the guilt of being a working parent and worry about the impact this has on your family.
  • Perhaps you feel isolated professionally. Are you fearful of letting your guard down at work in case it is seen as a sign of weakness or do you feel under-valued and unheard?
  • Perhaps you fear failure or perhaps you hide your true potential as you fear success?
If so, The Thriving Together Tribe will be able to help you.

What's Included in Your VIP Membership:

Welcome Kit It includes a themed Journal and Map


As soon as you join you will be given access to Your Membership Area with lots of resources.
You have digital access to your Thriving Together 'Survival Kit' with lots of things to help you on your journey!
It includes a themed Journal and Map you can download.

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Thriving Not Surviving eBook and Audio Book

The 5 Secret Pathways To Happiness, Success and Fulfilment


Life offers lots of challenges, detours and seeming dead ends, these can stop you in your tracks, causing you to get stuck in the morass of feeling overwhelmed or they can act as the impetus to achieve a better way of being. That is where “Thriving Not Surviving” is there to help you. It offers you a SAT NAV to help you reach your deepest desires more easily, and gives you lots of examples of where people, just like you, have used the principles and strategies to navigate their way through life’s challenges.

It is important to remember that you remain in the driving seat. It is up to you how fast you go, where you begin your journey and which elements you want to focus on.

The book can help you to learn to challenge your habitual way of being and how to establish different more empowering approaches.

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Thrive Course Digital Including Activity Workbooks


What if you learnt a formula that could give you practical tips and techniques for developing a happier life, and keeping that happiness present in your life. In fact, making you feel happily abundant enough to begin spreading happiness wider. The Thriving Not Surving Program can give you this formula. Start with The 7 Principles and The 7 Connecting Themes and move onto the 5 Secret Pathways that, learning how best to “walk” them, will give you a happier, more successful and fulfilling life.

  • The 7 Principles
  • The 7 Connecting Themes
  • Confidence
  • Love & Relationships
  • Personal & Professional Success
  • Changes & Transitions
  • Purpose & Fulfilment

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PEP Weekly Valued @ $17


Take the PEP Weekly Challenge to dramatically reduce your stress and feelings of anxiety.
Key reasons why PEP Weekly

  • Tried and tested strategies proven to help
  • Reduce the impact of stress
  • Deal with anxiety
  • Increase self confidence
  • Simple and easy to incorporate into daily life
  • Something to suit everyone
  • Require no equipment
  • Take positive action to deal with feeling anxious or stressed.

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Private Facebook Group


The Thrive Together dedicated Face Book Group where members can share their goals, share any fears or difficulties they are facing, track their progress and celebrate their successes.

Gina and the Thrive Together Tribe team will offer ideas, support, challenge, witness and accountability.

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Genuinely You TV Show


Step Into Your Power!

The "Genuinely You Show" hosted by Gina Gardiner takes you on a journey of discovery to find your genuine self and how you can have the confidence to let go of fear, and the stress and frustration of constantly trying to save the day and at the same time achieve ongoing happiness and fulfilment.


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Thrive Together Tribe Annual Membership

Annual Membership



Billed per Year, Cancel Anytime
  • Thrive Course Digital Including Workbooks
  • Physical Welcome Kit
  • Group Coaching Calls
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Relationship Bridge Course (Free) Valued @ $97
  • Confidence Builder Audio Series Dealing With Insomnia - Audio
  • Genuinely You TV Show
  • PEP Weekly Valued @ $17