What is The "Thrive Together Tribe?"

An on-line membership group offering a place where members will :

  • be nurtured and supported by like-minded people
  • ​discover lots of great ideas, strategies and inspiration
  • ​enjoy regular on-line sessions with great content and interactive group coaching
  • ​grow among people who value who you are
Life can be tough. It is all too easy for people to focus on all the negatives with so much division and separation around. We have decided now is the time to create a new movement designed to nurture and support people who want to get the very best out of life.


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The Thrive Together Tribe will bring people together, to focus on the positive and what we can do, rather than what we can’t. It is for those who want to feel confident. Those who want to see the possibilities and take charge of the quality of their life and who are prepared to help others to do the same.

The Genuinely-You Thrive Together Tribe isn’t a course. It’s a journey, a place where people can access great information and proven strategies, designed to help them feel confident, empowered and well-resourced. Ready to manage the challenges life inevitably brings.

The Thrive Together Tribe is also designed to be a support group. Help and support will initially come from the Genuinely-You team, but as our tribe grows, it will come from tribe members too.

Research has shown that making lasting change is far more successful when you are supported and challenged through the process. We are here to help you do just that!

The Membership Group is designed to be a safe place where members can feel safe, be seen and heard. Somewhere to feel truly valued in a completely non-judgemental environment.


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Are You Looking for a Life Which is Happier and More Fulfilling, Where You Feel Confident and In Control of Your Own Destiny?

The Thrive Together Tribe is designed to support members achieve:

  • consistently greater sense of self-worth
  • ​lasting, loving relationships with themselves and others
  • ​ongoing personal and professional success
  • ​confidence when facing life's challenges and transitions
  • recognition of their true purpose
  • happy, successful and fulfilling livese


One of the reasons for setting up the Thrive Together Tribe is the realisation that so many people are struggling.

Over many years of working with thousands of people, I have identified that pretty much all the ongoing issues people find challenging are made even more difficult if they feel they're tackling them in isolation.

Many people are concerned that showing their vulnerability with colleagues will be perceived as weakness. I have found from clients that the more senior the role, the more common this thought pattern has been the case.


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Many people who are in a relationship still find themselves feeling isolated and alone because they don’t want to worry their partner or family, or because their partner and family are either not interested or they simply don’t understand.

We live at a time when the numbers of people living alone and having no-one to share things with is increasing at a significant rate.

Loneliness and isolation are a common problem for many people. They may be highly successful at work but find their personal lives are far less rewarding.

One of the most powerful antidotes to loneliness and isolation is to feel part of a group where you know you matter. That is the role of The Genuinely-You Thrive Together Tribe.

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The Thrive Together Tribe is being created for people who want to belong to something which recognises them as individuals.

A safe place where members will be valued for the amazing people they are, when they are being genuinely their best selves.

It will offer a forum to raise questions and issues, receive support and advice, and provide a platform to celebrate wins and successes.

A place to belong!


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