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The link to the show is https://www.jamesmillerlifeology.com/the-enlightened-leader-gina-gardiner and https://lifeology.tv/the-enlightened-leader-gina-gardiner

The James Miller | Lifeology® Show

Have you ever stopped and listened to what you tell yourself when you do something you are not proud of? If you did listen what do you think you would say? Most people, if they are not careful, will often repeat a certain phrase about how dumb or stupid they are. Unfortunately, that phrase has been ingrained in them to believe that they are dumb or stupid. It then becomes the core belief of how they see themselves. The more you can refute a negative core belief the more unstoppable you will be to be an enlightened leader.

Imagine being able to manifest all your dreams and goals in a supremely capable, effortless, authentic manner. Imagine being consistently in touch with your highest self, in the sweet-spot of ‘flow’, able to inspire and motivate others with ease. Imagine being the focal point to which abundance, wellbeing, and happiness, for you and your team, is magnetically attracted. This kind of leadership is entirely possible and available to you.

Gina Gardiner is an International Bestselling Author, Coach, and Transformational Leadership Trainer. For over 20 years, Gina ran her award-winning organization, mostly from a wheelchair. The gift of this experience was the development of a unique approach to developing transformational leadership. Today she speaks about a new and powerful Leadership program she created called the Enlightened Leadership Program. Gina has developed a unique and unrivaled approach to help you become an Enlightened Leader. When you embody your genuine power then amazing things will happen.

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