Create a Life You Love


Consider why you have developed your particular work habits and your response to stress. There are as many reasons as there are people. For many people there are a number of complicated reasons which stack one on another.

There has been a great deal in the media recently about the need both individually and nationally to redress the “Work - Life Balance” and increase personal satisfaction and happiness. Failure to do so brings with it a long list of consequences including increased stress and ultimately deteriorating health.

Look at the underlying causes and effects of working too hard in demanding situations.

The question is how best to change attitudes and underlying behaviours which contribute to people working long hours, being stressed, having difficulty with relationships or eating and drinking too much?

Tackle the issue of "Work - Life Balance" from two perspectives.

Firstly, ask yourself:

  • Does work take over your life?
  • Do you look forward to weekends and holidays?
  • Are you dreading retirement?
  • Would you like more fun in your life?
  • Are you escaping from unsatisfying relationships?
  • Do you have a string of unsatisfying relationships because you have neglected loved ones because of work?
  • Do you escape into work because of poor self-worth, as a control for physical or emotional pain?
  • Are you drinking, eating or smoking too much?
  • Do you sleep well?
  • Can you switch off from work easily?
  • Do you want a personal life that is fulfilling and successful?

Unraveling the reasons and challenging them is the starting point for recovery. To break out of old behaviours that have outlived their usefulness, you will need to develop strategies for finding confidence, dealing with stress, and finding a more fulfilling and healthy approach to life

Secondly, consider work habits. Does your leadership style at work contribute to your workload? The programme includes how to prioritize effectively, good time management, planning for life within the work arena, effective delegation and team building. We consider strategic planning and creating the right culture for your staff so you have time for strategic thinking.

Don't wait. Create a happy fulfilling and balanced life starting today!

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