The 5 Secret Pathways To Happiness, Success and Fulfilment


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What Is This Book About?

“Thriving Not Surviving” is designed to help you get the very best out of life.

Life offers lots of challenges, detours and seeming dead ends, these can stop you in your tracks, causing you to get stuck in the morass of feeling overwhelmed or they can act as the impetus to achieve a better way of being. That is where “Thriving Not Surviving” is there to help you. It offers you a SAT NAV to help you reach your deepest desires more easily, and gives you lots of examples of where people, just like you, have used the principles and strategies to navigate their way through life’s challenges.



Here's What You'll Learn From This Awesome Book:


The 5 Secret Pathways
are designed to encompass all major life experiences. How much or how little you are willing to engage with each pathway is entirely your choice, but remember—if you do nothing, everything will stay exactly as it is now.

The 7 Underpinning Principles
outlined in this chapter provide a positive, stable foundation for living a healthy, happy, successful, and fulfilling life. Just like the warp threads in a piece of cloth, these principles provide the structure around which a rich and joyful life is built—moment by moment, act by act.

The 7 Connecting Themes
underpin every aspect of your everyday life. They weave their way through the fabric of your life, facilitating every interaction, decision, and action you take. Interestingly most people never give these things any conscious thought.

Reclaiming Your Self-Worth
Lack of self-worth is a modern-day epidemic. Because our need to belong, to be valued, and to be seen and heard by others—the most basic and ancient of human needs—are missing in many people’s lives today. Many of us are suffering from loneliness, depression, and a general feeling of malaise




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     Really Useful Guidance..

I am only part-way through the book, so will do a full review when I have finished.
My first observations are that the author has very useful advice to impart - and I am therfore reading at a sensible pace to ensure that I am getting the best from the new information and fully absorbing all the ideas of how to improve my approach to everyday life.
The book is written in a very approachable manner, with plenty of helpful examples to guide me each stage. I love the way it has been set out as a measured, step-by-step approach to achievement - whatever that may look like for each individual reader. I really feel like Gina is taking me on an important journey - and is there by my side all the way..

 Gav P

     Read this book and then contact Gina to take your progress to the next level!

Once again Gina has produced an accessible lexicon of life! Gina always produces great content that can be referred to time and again as a handbook on navigating through life with finesse. Don't just stop there though - engage with Gina on a professional 121 basis and then the magic really comes to the fore.


     An excellent book

Gina has written another excellent self-help book filled with practical advice whilst being enjoyable read. Thoroughly recommended.

 Mummy M

     A real support

This book I find a really supportive tool in everyday life. Really helps. Highly recommended.


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The 5 Secret Pathways To Happiness, Success and Fulfilment What... (read more)



The 5 Secret Pathways To Happiness, Success and Fulfilment What... (read more)



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