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What Is My Book About?

“Thriving Not Surviving” is designed to help you get the very best out of life.

Life presents many challenges, detours and seeming dead ends, sometimes it stops you in your tracks, or keeps you stuck in a morass of feeling overwhelmed. Or more positively it can serve as the impetus to help you achieve a better way of being. That is where “Thriving Not Surviving” is there to help you.  It offers you a navigational tool - a SAT NAV to help you reach your deepest desires more easily. It shares lots of examples of how people, just like you, have used its principles and strategies to navigate their way through life’s challenges. It is important to remember that you remain in the driving seat and that it's up to you how fast you go, where you begin your journey and which elements you want to focus on along the way.

The book can help you to learn to challenge your habitual way of being and how to establish different more empowering approaches. Individually the perspectives, principles and strategies offer powerful tools to enrich and enhance the quality of your life; however, collectively they are positively transformational!

Each of the 5 Secret Pathways offers you a different route along your journey to achieving a happy, successful and fulfilling life. “Thriving Not Surviving” achieves this by sharing with you the principles and strategies which I have learned through my personal experience, along with lessons I have learned from others. The strategies are proven to work and easy to incorporate into your busy life.

Each of the pathways provides you with the route map to navigate a particular theme: self-belief, creating lasting loving relationships, achieving sustained personal and professional success, creating empowering choices, managing change with ease and grace, finding your true purpose and achieving true fulfilment.   Together they offer a holistic approach to living a joyous life.  






I believe it is incredibly important to recognise that we are all connected, to look at how we can support and help one another from a place of love. For people to step into their genuine, authentic power, to have the courage to live a fearless life.


Imagine having to learn to walk not once but twice as an adult, and having the strength and determination to come back from this learning to be happy again.

Gina suffered a serious ski accident aged 29. She was unwilling to accept the prognosis given by her doctors.  She knew that her mind-set was key to keeping her life on track, keeping her happy, successful and fulfilled even when dealing with the worst effects of the challenges her health and being confined to a wheelchair.

Gina's books and business takes her life experience and highly effective mindset techniques and encapsulates her 30+ years of coaching, training and teaching into transformational strategies and techniques that will enable you to get happy, stay happy and spread happiness throughout your life.



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